Should I convert my car air conditionerís refrigerant from R12 to R143a?
Yes if you have a major system failure. Freon makes your car's air conditioning system work--it's nasty stuff as far as the ozone layer is concerned. Production of Freon has been ceased in the US. There are substitutes that require conversions and are rather costly. If your a/c system is going to require an overhaul, you may be asked to consider changing to a new substance. The question is, "convert or not convert"? The general industry consensus is to convert, for several reasons. Environmental and cost are the 2 main reasons. The old R12 Freon is still available and can be used until the supply is gone which could be several more years but it is getting expensive. The newer refrigerant is called R134a and will not be quite as efficient as the old stuff but will work very well even in our desert environment.